What is your deal breaker in relationships?

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Writer Kerri Sackville has written about the hardships of being a night owl and the impact early mornings can have on her psyche.

On twitter I shared how I am a night owl and my husband is an early morning riser. Kerri told me in no uncertain terms I should get rid of him and invoke the “You woke me up rule” but in more colourful language.

Which got me thinking. What are your deal breakers in a relationship?

I must admit, it took me (and hubby) a while to come to terms with how we were going to manage our relationship after my years of nursing shift work and sleeping late. My husband likes to have a conversation early in the morning. He also rides his bike in the mornings and used to get offended if I didn’t have a chat before he left.

I couldn’t think of anything worse. Who wants to discuss the world’s problems at 5.30 am? Apart from world leaders and journalists of course.

Now we know where we stand. A kiss as he leaves out the door, I roll over and back to sleep until the kids wake up.


What are your deal breakers?

 Leaving the toilet seat up one too many times? Empty milk cartons in the fridge? Reality TV?

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  1. Hhmm good question. Drug taking and infidelity. My two biggies. If you’re into drugs, then I’m not into you. If you’re into someone else, then you can take a hike.

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